Thursday, September 4, 2008

Star Struck?

Caleb says I'm star struck. But, I think it's the opposite. I finally found a politician that I'm pretty sure I could sit down and have a perfectly normal conversation with. That's right, I watched Sarah Palin give her speech at the RNC last night. I really know very little about her - I'd never heard her speak before last night. I know alot of people are saying very good things about her, and alot of people are saying very bad things. But, I thought she was excellent last night. She's an compelling speaker, intelligent, and feisty. But, I think she'd just be a fun person to know. I wanted to hold her baby and talk about how he's sleeping at night and what the other kids think of him. Did anyone else see the shots of her youngest daughter (she's 8 maybe?) holding the baby, licking her entire hand, and smoothing his hair down? It was the cutest thing! Too bad Julia doesn't have much hair, or I'd teach Kylie to do that just so I could have it on video! Adorable!
Anyway, I know very little about Sarah Palin's political or moral convictions (although the fact that she considers her baby with Downs Syndrome a blessing from God speaks volumes about her heart), but I think if she was my next door neighbor, we would be friends. Is that a good enough reason to vote for her to be Vice President? =)

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