Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wow! It's been a long time since I've written anything on here. Sorry I'm so slow, but life has been kinda crazy. Ethan and Kylie are at Tam and Alan's for a few days, so it's really quiet around here. I've been getting some scrapbooking done, though, which is good cuz I'm way behind! Ethan told Mimi that the reason he was at her house was cuz "mommy doesn't have time to write in her blog". So, I figured I'd better write something!
I'm finally feeling better after about two months of feeling sick. And the kids are over their colds, too. So, we're healthy all around! Yeah! I went to the doctor on Monday, and everything's fine with the baby. Except, he thought I was way too big to be only 14 weeks, so he had me get an ultrasound. Caleb went with me on Tuesday morning to do that, and everything's fine. The baby really is only 14 weeks, and there's only one of 'em in there. I had this crazy dream the night before that we went to the ultrasound and I was pregnant with twin, psycho boys! They were wrestling in my stomach! I totally freaked out, telling Caleb that I could handle twins if they were nice calm children, but that this kids were monsters. Anyway, I think I was a little worried about it... It was comforting to see the baby - that everything's ok. We even got some 3-D pictures which are pretty cool. But, I can't post them cuz we don't have a scanner, and they're just pictures. I guess you'll have to come see me to see them!
Other than that, our lives have been pretty normal. Ethan turned four at the end of July and had a GREAT birthday! We went swimming at the closest thing Lincoln has to a water park, and they let him go down the big slides! He was SO excited! And Kylie's fine. She's been growing a couple more teeth, so she's been kinda cranky about that off and on. And, she's talking like crazy! She loves to yell "Mommy! Mommy!" and then when I say "what?" she blabbers some unintelligible thing that I usually end up just nodding and smiling at. Caleb's been busy at work - and trying to keep up with yard work. It keeps raining here, which is nice, but poor Caleb mows the yard, then it rains, and the grass looks taller than before he mowed it by the next day. The joys of home ownership, I guess!
Well, I should go. My kids will be back home soon. I've missed them the last couple of days. The house is too quiet without them.