Monday, August 17, 2009

What was I thinking?

Today is Ethan's first official day of first grade. Which means it's my first day of adding "homeschool teacher" to my already overwhelming list of responsibilities around here. I think I might completely lose my mind before this is over. As you've probably noticed from the lightbulb eating incident and the van registration eating incident (see previous posts...), I HAVE to know what Kylie is doing ALL the time. And Julia's going through an "I'm going to scream loud and long all day, every day at everything I don't like" phase. She does not like me sitting on the couch doing school with Ethan. And we're adding a newborn to the mix in December.
Fortunately, Ethan's a smart little boy. He can figure out most stuff on his own without a lot of teaching. Unfortunately, I picked a science and history curriculum that requires me to do alot of reading, writing, and projects with him. He needs one-on-one time with me - something in short supply around here.
I have a feeling I'm going to have to resist the urge to flag down the bus that drives by our house every morning and beg them to take him to "real school" with them!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Me, Cinderella?

I've decided being a mom is kind of like being Cinderella. The kids were watching this movie in the car the other day. I could hear it but not see it and wasn't really that interested. But I was driving and thinking and had nothing else to do. So when the mice started singing, "Cinderelly, Cinderelly, night and day it's Cinderelly, do the dishes...." and the rest of the words that I can't understand, all of a sudden this thought popped into my head.
"That's what I feel like all the time!" I live with a house full of people who need/ want something from me ALL the time."
"Mommy! Kylie's being mean to Julia!"
"Mommy! I can't find my ballerina!"
"Mommy, I'm bored"
"Mommy, I'm hungry"
"Mommy, can we listen to Odyssey?"
You hear the repitition? Just like the song.
"I'm Cinderella!" I thought.
Then I thought, "How did Cinderella respond to all the nagging, whining, and unfair endless lists of chores and cleaning and cooking?"
She didn't complain. She didn't whine to her husband about how overwhelmed she felt. She smiled. She sang. She talked to animals. Her attitude made life joyful when it shouldn't have been.
I have a few benefits over Cinderella. I'm not a slave with no other options. My children don't order me around. And I have a husband who helps me out now and then. So does my joy in God and in life make things fun when they shouldn't be? Or do I whine and complain about my endless to - do list?

Really, I'd just like to know: When do I get my fancy dress and get to go to the ball?