Tuesday, September 17, 2013

For Rob =)

"The earth is the LORD's, and all it contains, the world and those who dwell in it."  Ps. 24:1

I'm loving this verse today. 
You see, tomorrow, my brother and his wife and family are moving - to Chiang Mai, Thailand.  They will be exactly 12 hours ahead of us.  On pretty much the exact opposite side of the world.  About as far away as you can get.  Rob, Christina, Clay, and Zeke will be learning a new language, new culture, new food, new driving skills, a new neighborhood, new school, new friends, new church.  They have some major change coming their way.  And if you know me, you know I don't really handle change that well...  =)

How do I know, you might ask?  Well, for example, the last major change in my life happened in June when my youngest sister moved to Zambia.  Seven time zones east instead of the twelve west to Thailand.  The Johnson's are about to be spread across three continents.  And I used to think the 30 hour drive to Micah and Allie's was too far! 

So I've been praying for Rob's family's transition.  For peace and calm and wisdom and strength and energy (on planes for HOURS with two boys - four and two). 
And praying for wisdom and calm and peace and strength and energy for Kristi too.  She has a HUGE job in Zambia! 
And I've been praying for those of us who are left behind.  I've decided it's harder to be left behind sometimes.  Instead of excitement and anticipation for what God is going to do in this new adventure in life, we get holes.  Birthday parties and Sunday mornings and Christmases and girls trips to GI without the people we love. 

And that is why I love this verse today. 

Because my Jesus who has listened to my many prayers today is also in Zambia listening to Kristi's.  He knows exactly how many hours of sleep have been interrupted with medical emergencies this week, and He knows exactly who is coming to her door in desperate need of help next.  And He has given her everything she needs for this day.  At the end of  a rutted dirt road trail in Zambia. 
And when Rob's family gets on their first plane tomorrow morning, Jesus will be with them.  And He will be giving them everything they need at 40,000 feet over the middle of the Pacific Ocean the day after that.  And when they land in Chiang Mai, He will walk through customs with them and sit by them in the car driving through the crazy traffic.  He will answer every quick prayer for patience and hear every exhausted plea for help. 

I KNOW this.

Because the entire world we live in and everything in it belongs to my God.  Everyone who lives in it is His.