Monday, September 8, 2008

And now Becca will be laughing!

I was coloring pictures with Kylie today. She asks so nicely that it's impossible to say no.
"Mommy, will you please color with me?"
So I finally managed to sit down with her. She wanted me to draw her a picture, "of Kylie and Ethan and Daddy and Mommy and Julia." I have NO artistic talent, but I tried.

Look! Caleb and I are even holding hands! =) Anyway, I got to Julia (who just started crawling) and decided to draw a picture of her crawling on the floor instead of my usual standing up, arms straight out stick people. So I draw my masterpiece and ask, "Who's this, Kylie."
"A turtle," she replied.
Then I looked. I think it does look more like a turtle than Julia after all. Ethan LAUGHED! Wow! Who knew as a mommy I would need artistic talent? I think I'll hire Becca to do art with my kids!

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