Saturday, January 27, 2007

Here goes!

Hi everyone! We finally got the internet in our new home. YEAH!!!! I'm so excited! I read Christina and Becca's blogs and enjoyed them so much, I decided I wanted one of my own. I've always been kind of a homebody, but as you all know, the other members of my family are more adventuresome. So, here's my attempt to let all of you know what's going on in our family - no matter how far away you live.
So, what's going on? Well, the reason I'm getting a chance to write this is because my kids are at Mimi and Poppy's house for today. I'm going to help Grandma and Grandpa pack some of their stuff for the move to Central City. I wouldn't be any help if I was watching the kids, too. So, Tam has them. I'm sure they're having fun! Ethan loves to go visit people. And Kylie would go anywhere with him. Caleb has to work late tonight with the helicopter guys, so I'm pretty much on my own today - VERY unusual! If it wasn't for helping Grandma, I wouldn't know what to do.
I wish all of you could be here to see Kylie growing! She's walking now! And, she's started trying to talk - although most of it is unintelligible. Her favorite words are "drop" (usually said as she throws food over the edge of her highchair tray), "Daddy" (she never says Mommy, although she has started saying "mamamama" FINALLY!), "uh-oh", and "dee-da-doo" (which means Peekaboo!). I have so much fun watching her learn new things every day!
One of Ethan's favorite thing right now is going to Awana. One of his friends there taught him how to color in the lines, so he's been practicing that. I wish you could've seen him this weekend. Kayla and I told Caleb to be quiet so that we could talk around him, and Ethan thought it was rude. He talked for at least 5 minutes about how you shouldn't interrupt people when they're talking and nobody can tell his daddy to be quiet. It was so Funny! And cute! He was so serious that we were all trying so hard not to laugh - which of course made us laugh even harder.
Anyway, I should go. I have to go grocery shopping so the kids have something to eat when they get back from Tam and Alan's. We're out of everything!