Friday, September 19, 2008

My guy

Caleb was putting Kylie to bed the other night. I noticed her pink blankie on the living room floor, so I carried it into her bedroom.
Teasing, I said, "This is mommy's pink blankie. Mommy loves her pink blankie," as I cuddled with the blankie.
Kylie started insisting, "That's MY pink blankie, mommy," and laughing hilariously. So I handed her the pink blankie. She grinned and then looked worried - like I might be sad cuz I didn't have a pink blankie.
Realizing what she was thinking, I said, "It's ok, Kylie. Daddy's my blankie," and I cuddled up next to Caleb.
She looked at me for a second and said, "No, He's not your blankie. He's your guy!"

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Rebecca Johnson said...

dude, Melody, your kids are HILARIOUS! You should, I don't know, write a book of everything they say or something . . .