Thursday, May 9, 2013


So let me get this straight. 

A man steals the lives and freedom of three innocent girls.  Just teenagers.  He treats them worse than most people treat their animals.  This man lives on a quiet street in urban America.  An average home on the outside, chains and locked doors on the inside.  He hides his heinous secret for TEN years!  In plain sight. 
When finally caught, the prosecutor wants to charge this man with a crime punishable by the death penalty.  To do this, the prosecution needs a conviction on an aggravated murder charge.  Who did this man murder?  Multiple unborn babies - presumably his own - carried by one of his victims. 
This is headline news. 
And rightly so.  This man has done ugly, disgusting things that should not be imagined let alone acted out. 

It is sin. 

Selfishness and lust and hatred in all it's nastiness. 

And that sin should be held up for the whole world to see and proclaimed as the absolute WRONG that it is. 

Meanwhile a man in Philadelphia shows similar disregard for human life.  Multiple people in positions of power in our government and in hospitals in the area neglect to follow through on neon signs shouting that something in this man's clinic is terribly, terribly WRONG.  
He murders babies born alive by snipping their spinal cords at the back of their neck.  Dedicated nurses and doctors would have done every thing possible to give these babies a fighting chance at life if they had been born to mothers who chose life for them. 
Instead this man treats these babies and their marginalized, desperate, lied-to mothers worse than most people treat their animals.  His clinic sits in plain sight for years - normal looking on the outside and filled with jars of tiny baby body parts on the inside. 

And no one noticed and cared enough to scream, "Enough!" 

No one???

Even now this is not headline news.  

Why is this ugly, disgusting thing not being held up for all the world to see as sin? 

How do we fight such evil?  Such callousness toward life? 

As a stay at home mom with not a whole lot of control over my own children (let alone anyone else) and no influence or power, how do I fight this evil?

This is the real reason I wrote this post.  To link you to someone smarter than me who wrote what I wish I had thought of first.  Read this
Stop reading what I have written and read this.   

Rachel Jankovic does an excellent job of saying how we fight this battle. 
We fight one battle with selfishness in our own hearts, homes, and children at a time. 
Every time we choose someone else above ourselves, we proclaim to a lost world the beauty of our Savior who sacrificed Himself for us. 

Our world is DESPERATE for Him!  Not for anti-abortion laws or guilty verdicts or more police or government regulation. 


And the best news ever is this:

He has already won.  =)