Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy, happy birthday! =)

So last night we decided to try the new Olive Garden in Grand Island.  Why???? 

My favorite 30 year old sister's birthday! 

I would also like to add that it's my favorite 30 year old brother Rob's birthday too.  But since he won't move to Nebraska to live next door to me forever we had to celebrate without him.  =(  Love you Rob!  

Anyway, the Olive Garden seems to be the only place people in GI are going right now, because it was PACKED.  We waited for over an hour for a table.  Well...I went to Sam's with Grandpa to buy groceries, and everyone else sat outside in the sun playing "throw the landscaping rocks at the side of the building" with my kids. 
By the time I got back, Becca was bored...And hungry!
Becca and the kids looking cute before supper.

Most of us.  There wasn't room to get Caleb and the girls in the pic too... 
Becca showing off her favorite birthday card from Kristi.

And blowing out the candle on her cake with Ava.
So happy birthday Becca! 
And in case you're interested in another blog post about Becca, here you go!  From Sept. 4, 2008.  Some beautiful pics.  I was reminded of this post last night while trying to get a decent picture of Becca - who likes to make funny faces at the camera instead of smiling...

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Rebecca Johnson said...

To my dear 31-year old sister (and the 31's highlighted and in bold and all caps and everything else I can do to make it stick out),

Wow. I look good. I must have hired a professional photographer or something. This is the face I'm making right now: ;.@

Nice, huh? :-)