Tuesday, July 10, 2012

That mom

So all of a sudden it has hit me that I am that mom. 

The mom who just bought the giant box of pretzels at Sam's marked "Great for food service and child care!" in giant letters above the boxes.  And on top of that, when looking at the sign, I actually thought, "Wow!  Food service and child care is a pretty accurate job description for me!"  Instead of, "Normal people don't buy this many pretzels just to feed their own children."

The mom who bought 30 pairs of little girl underwear and spent a very long time in Walmart attempting to buy three different styles, colors, and brands so I could tell them apart while folding clothes - without having to read every single tag.  I've actually started contemplating sewing different colored threads on their socks and writing with permanent marker on their underwear.  Two things my mom used to do that I thought was crazy.  After all, if I could tell my underwear and socks apart from my sisters', why couldn't she???  I now realize that she was very, very smart. 

The mom who keeps asking, "How many days is an acceptable number to leave the clean clothes in the laundry basket without folding them??"  I need a rule to follow.  Like: Three days is fine.  You're busy.  But four days, and you're just a lazy bum.

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Christephi said...

You're a great mom, Melody! I have a friend who has 5 boys. She does their clothes with a dot system. When the oldest is wearing it, the tag is marked with 1 dot. When they get passed down to the second child, a second dot is added. The third gets 3 dots, etc. That way the boys know who gets what (the eldest is 7, but they do most of the folding/putting away for their mama) AND you don't have to worry about changing colors for hand-me-downs! I think I'm out of control with just my two. I don't know how you do it!!