Thursday, July 26, 2012

Who knew?

You know what I learned yesterday?
According to a Feb. 2008 government study, an average family of four spends between $570.20 and $1,113.80 on groceries.  Every month.
Don't believe me??
Look here
Adding in my two extra children means I should be spending from $185.60 to $347.90 more than that for a grand total of:

$755.80 to $1,461.70

On food!
And that was more than four years ago!
Does even the "thrifty plan" end of that range seem extravagant to anyone else???
I so do not spend that much money on groceries every month. 
If I budgeted that much, we would eat really well. 
And do nothing else. 
We wouldn't be able to afford to buy gas to drive to the grocery store to buy our steak and lobster.  (If we liked lobster...)
So much for googling what a normal grocery budget is for a family of six...

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Soaring High said...

If they saw our grocery budget, they'd think I was starving our children! I'd love that much monthly money! We eat just fine too.