Saturday, July 2, 2011

Haiti through Becca's eyes

If you're not already reading my sister's blog, you need to click this link right now and go read it.  Becca's in Haiti for the summer.  She's seeing God work in amazing ways. 
After reading, I wondered why God seems to display His power in so many real ways in Haiti while here in America we seem to lack His power so often.  I think it's because we put so many layers between us and being desperate for God to show up.  Savings accounts.  Government disaster and bailout programs.  Health insurance.  All too often, we trust these things instead of God. 
In Haiti they have nothing.  Either God shows up or they die.  So they fervently and passionately beg Him to help them, and He shows up over and over again. 
Sometimes I wonder if we in America with all our "blessings" are really as blessed as we think we are.  The believers in Haiti are seeing God.  Daily.  And Becca sees Him work and writes it down beautifully.  So read it.
Enjoy!  =)


Chris said...

I ponder the same question: Are we really "blessed" as American's. We all could use a regular dose of being desperate to see God at work! I'm going to check out your sis-in-luv's blog now :)

Chris said...

I mean, sister!! I keep thinking she's your sister in law. DUH! LOL

Melody said...

No problem, Chris! All us Johnsons and Merchants are hard to sort out! I look at Kayla, talk about Tam, and refer to her as "your mom" - even though Kayla and I are sisters.... So even I get confused sometimes. =)