Thursday, June 30, 2011


I'm messing with the look of my blog again.  I'm not talented at computer stuff...  So I can't tell how to get the GIANT pic of me and Caleb to shrink down to normal size and get down from on top of this post! 
Come to think of it, you probably can't see anything I'm writing anyway.  Anybody talented enough to know how to do that?  And to get a pretty picture at the top of my blog.  And change the www. part to something easier to remember.  I figure if I can't ever remember it my own self, neither can you. 
Maybe I should just pay a web designer to do it for me.  So my kids would get something healthy to eat for supper.  And I could keep my sanity.  But for what??  11 readers?? 
Not sure it's worth it, Melody.  =)

30 seconds later:
Ah!  When I viewed my blog after posting this post,
the picture has shrunk itself!!!
I have no idea what I did. 
YAY for miracles!

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