Monday, May 23, 2011


Yesterday was a perfectly gorgeous day.  And it was Sunday.  I love Sundays! 
I got up early and made pancakes and eggs for breakfast while listening to my favorite worship music.  No one ever picks all the songs I want to sing for church on a Sunday morning (as if it was their responsibility to keep me happy...)  So I sang along with my favorites before I left.  =) 

Then church, lunch at Subway with Tam and Alan, a short drive to a house for sale in Clarks, and then the all important, two-hour Sunday afternoon nap.
No, I did not really get to sleep for two hours.  Ava fell asleep in the van and wouldn't go back to sleep.  But I put my ear buds in and listened to music so I couldn't hear her playing (in her crib...she was safe and happy!) and slept for a little while at least.
So after supper last night, we had a extra-crabby, exhausted toddler on our hands.  A 15 minute nap is not enough for a 16-month old. 
In an attempt to keep Ava awake (and because I was crabby that I had to do dishes instead of play outside after my nap), we walked to the park.
Ava's favorite thing to do at the park is swing.  I love to swing her because I get to stand back and watch as I push. 

I smile as three little girls, two in frilly Easter dresses and one in her pajamas, fling themselves as high into the air as they can go.  "Look mommy!  My feet are touching the sky!" 
I remember touching the sky with my feet as a little girl, my hair blowing in my face and the wind swishing in my ears.  I remember the feeling of flying and uncontainable joy.

I laugh with my husband of nine years because we used to come to this park and swing just for fun when we were dating.  I've always loved to swing. 
And now I never get the chance because all the swings are taken by our laughing kids. 

The sun is shining, but small drops of rain splatter my face.  And Caleb points out a rainbow.  I switch to pushing from the other side of the swing so I don't have to stop looking.  I feel as if God says, "Isn't it pretty?  I made it because I love you and I know it makes you smile." 
Like He painted that rainbow in the sky just to remind me, an average mom with a crazy life, that the God of the universe loves me extravagantly. 

The rainbow fades and I turn to face the bright sun disappearing behind dark clouds.  They too are beautiful.  Wisps of white floating across dark blue, almost black, foaming towers. 
Maybe it's going to actually start raining...again.

So we grab our kids, their shoes, Ava's ba-ba, Ethan's scooter and race the clouds home.

Some moments I just want to freeze and relive over and over. 

Happy kids playing with their daddy.


Sunshine turning to long shadows.

Rainbows and clouds and raindrops.

Unhurried beauty soaked up by weary, dry souls. 

A glimpse of heaven. 

And I forgot my camera. 

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