Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shameless self-promotion =)

Yay to Uncle Chip for being the first (and so far only...hint..hint..) person to admit they're following my blog!!! I'm particularly impressed by this because Uncle Chip, you are smart. Like, really, really smart. So to think that I would say anything that you would consider worth your time to read is...well, an ego boost. Of course, you could just read it to laugh at the crazy ramblings of your niece, but I can pretend... =)
And for all you other people out there who read this, get with the program! I know most of you only read this on facebook, but this is a blog actually. Here's a link so you can see my pretty background or template or whatever you call it. And the great pic of my man and our kids Easter egg hunting.


Ok, here's your incentive. The last time my book review blogger people sent me a book, "The Heart Mender" by Andy Andrews, they sent TWO - one for me to give away on my blog. Aren't you excited??? So, I just finished reading it. I haven't written the review yet, and I don't want to give anything away. But you should be excited.
I haven't quite decided how to pick who gets it yet. (Suggestions?) Maybe I'll make you guess my favorite number or favorite ice cream or something. Maybe I'll just give it to Uncle Chip for being the very first one to follow my blog. =)
Anyway, I'll have to think about it. But I think I'll only let people who admit they follow my blog have a chance at it. Bribery, I know. Being a mommy for almost 7 years has taught me a few valuable things.


Christina Johnson said...

I read your blog too!!

Chip Burkitt said...

Drat! Christina beat me. Keep your book, though. I doubt it would interest me as much as your blog does.

sproutingflowers said...

I follow your blog too...blog, not facebook. (In fact your posts never show up on my facebook page until several days later which I find rather amusing). Do you read my blog?

sproutingflowers said...

Oh, I almost forgot... There are "random number generators" available online that people use to pick a winner for their blog giveaways. I haven't used one, 'cause I've never had a blog giveaway yet, but it seems like a handy tool.

Becky said...

I use the number generator at random.org for my blog giveaways. Keeps it simple and keeps me from playing favorites!

Melody said...

Thanks for the random number generator info! I would never have thought of that. Stephanie, I just recently found your blog and have enjoyed reading it! =)