Monday, October 19, 2009

"Green" by Ted Dekker

Thomas Hunter has spent his life world-hopping, leading followers of Elyon in two realities towards the Great Romance, battling absolute evil. Now his world is shattered. Teeleh, evil incarnate, is savoring his impending victory. Thomas desperately searches both worlds for the key to victory, only to fail repeatedly. Will Elyon intervene?
Ted Dekker has again written a riveting, complex novel. It’s deeper than basic good versus evil, posing questions such as: Should Christians turn the other cheek instead of fighting back? And why doesn’t God make Himself visible to a world desperate for physical proof?
Although Green is marketed as the end or the beginning of The Circle series, I would have preferred it to just be the end. I didn’t love the ending that tied it back to the beginning of the series. I wanted the perfect “happy ending” - although that unpredictability is what draws me back to Dekker’s books. I also am not a huge fan of Dekker’s graphic depictions of evil – some of which I could’ve done without in this book.
That being said, I don’t own many books because I don’t consider most worth reading more than once. But I own The Circle Series – now including Green. Green is too good to put down. I highly recommend reading it – along with the rest of the series.

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