Monday, October 19, 2009

Book Review Blogging

I know usually my blog is full of random and (if you agree with my sister) hilarious stories about what goes through my head most of the time. But I heard about this program Thomas Nelson publishers does. Basically they send you a free book (you get to pick which one!) if you agree to write a 200 word review about it on your blog and post your review to one consumer site such as or I heard the "free book" part and was sold! And since I "review" every book I read to my poor husband who probably couldn't care less but listens very patiently anyway, I figured it would make him happy too. Besides, if I can get books I would've bought otherwise for free, it's saving him money! =) So, what follows is my first book review for Thomas Nelson. It's about Green by Ted Dekker - a book I've been dying to read and told Caleb he was going to have to buy me for Christmas. Does that make my review biased because I already assumed I was going to love it?
If you want to be a book review blogger too, you can learn more about it at

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