Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things

Everyone on Facebook is doing this, but I thought it would be fun to do on my blog. So, here goes! =)
1.) My favorite food is chocolate! White chocolate. Dark chocolate. Mint chocolate. Chocolate with caramel. I'm not picky. I eat some chocolate virtually every day.
2.) I'm TERRIFIED of heights - which I've decided is genetic b/c so is my dad. You should've seen us at the top of the Sears Tower.
3.) When I was a teeneager, I shared a bedroom with my three younger sisters and shared the single bathroom in our home with all seven family members.
4.) I love black and white pictures of trees!
5.) I am very, very bad at dogs. Our first and last puppy lasted three weeks.
6.) I had a kitten I used to rock/sing to sleep!
7.) My dream when I was in elementary was to be a sprinter! Yes, running. Which any of you who watched me "run" in highschool will know was an incredibly ridiculous dream.
8.) The ocean is my absolute favorite place.
9.) I HATE to be hot! Over 80 or 85 degrees is too hot for me!
10.) For the first 20 years of my life, I thought farmers were extremely lazy people who only worked a few weeks in the spring to plant and a few weeks in the fall to harvest.
11.) My sister and I vowed to never, ever marry a farmer or a missionary.
12.) I'm now married to a farm boy who dreams of being a missionary pilot. And my sister married his brother.
13.) While living in Senegal, West Africa I learned that I am extremely allergic to cashew trees.
14.) My favorite class in college was Western Civilizations. We studied what ancient architecture and city planning reveals about their culture. Fascinating stuff!
15.) I sing ALL the time. A song is always playing in my head. So if you're in the middle of a conversation with me and I start singing (and listening at the same time, of course), sorry.
16.) I am forever grateful to Larry and Virginia Cooper who got me in the habit of reading my Bible every day.
17.) I cannot read Mary Higgins Clark books. Some creepy man is always sneaking up behind some unsuspecting girl and throwing a plastic bag over her head or something. They give me nightmares.
18.) Caleb and I got married on my sister's 16th (?) birthday. Sorry for stealing your day, Kristi!
19.) Someday I want to adopt a little boy from Africa.
20.) Flying makes me sick. As we landed in Dakar, Senegal when I was 8, I threw up all over my sister. Sorry Becca. Thank goodness for Dramamine!
21.) The night Caleb proposed to me, I dropped the gift he'd hidden the ring in - in the middle of a gravel road in the middle of nowhere in the pitch black dark. I think the poor man almost had a heart attack!
22.) I liked dissecting things in biology class. One time my brothers went fishing, and I dissected their fish just for fun. I think that's probably really weird....
23.) I'm terrified of parties! Having to mingle in a big group of people and find something not stupid to say totally freaks me out! I panic every time, and Caleb has to talk me out of it.
24.)My kids are much more entertaining, more adventurous, more trusting, more energetic, and more joyful than I am.
25.) I have spent way too much time talking about myself. Maybe you should do this, so I can learn something fun about you! =)

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-C said...

It was fun to read your stuff. I've yet to find time to do this even tho I've been tagged several times on FB. Rob and I find similarities between our families because of the big family in rural area thing. Our fam of 9 only had 1 and a 1/2 baths. And, Doug and I must be very bad at goldfish. We're 1 for 4 so far ... and I'm scared to go look at the aquarium now to see if we're 0 for 4. :)