Tuesday, February 20, 2007


We helped Grandma and Grandpa Burkitt move last weekend. It was a big job. I collect alot of stuff at my house in one year. They've lived in Lincoln for 25 or so. So, there was alot of stuff - sewing stuff, BOOKS, yarn, cookbooks, teddy bears. All the stuff that showcases a person's life. Gifts from family and friends that have no intrinsic value but huge sentimental value because of the love from the giver. For example, grandma has a red teddy bear Micah found in the missionary barrel somewhere and gave her for her birthday. One of her cherished possessions because of the thoughfulness and love of a little boy.
Emptying the house was kind of strange. it's the only place in the world that I visit with any regularity that still links me to my childhood. I have so many memories in that house. I was sad at first to leave it. I thought of it as Home for many years while we moved from one place to another. But, when I thought about it, the memories were more about the people than the place. And, Grandma and Grandpa seem so HAPPY in their new home. I think they'd be happy anywhere as long as they were together. I want that for me and Caleb. To be happy just to be together no matter what craziness surrounds us. What a blessing from God!

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