Monday, February 12, 2007

What are you creating?

I just finished the book "Sacred Marriage" by Gary Thomas. Close to the end, he wrote something that struck me.
"You were made by God to create. If you don't create in a thoughtful and worshipful will feel less than human. ... God has given us the privilege and opportunity to place ourselves and our families on a 'glorious pursuit': becoming partakers of the diving nature (see 2 Peter 1:4), reflecting the very image of Jesus Christ."
I had to skip a bunch 'cuz I don't want to type out two of his pages. But, the general point was that we are made in the image of God and part of God is Creator. I realized that maybe that's why I'm drawn to some things. For instance, I love to scrapbook. I love taking pictures and combining them with fun colors and textures to create a page that expresses my feelings about a certain person or event.
On a much bigger scale, the chance to create gives meaning to what I do on a daily basis. My job seems to be fairly thankless most of the time. I make supper everynight, and usually all I hear about it is Ethan saying, "Yuck! I hate peas!" Kylie has never once thanked me for changing her diaper. They expect their house and clothes clean, their food cooked, all their wants and needs met. And, they very rarely if ever say thank you. Maybe they never will. But, I am creating something of worth in God's eyes - even if no one else notices. I'm trying to create a home - a safe place where joy and love abound. I'm trying to create obedient, well-mannered, creative, thoughtful, intelligent children with a love for God and compassion for the people around them. I'm trying to create a safe place for my family to crash when the rest of the world is hurtful and demanding.
Suddenly, the small things that my family can't do without but will never notice seem to be given worth - in God's eyes at least. Every diaper I change or load of laundry I wash gives me a very physical, real-world way to create in my family and home qualities that are important to God.
I even create in myself a willingness to allow God to create me into the person He wants me to be. Then I can be sure that I'm creating things that bring glory to Him.

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