Sunday, March 4, 2007

God's kids

I love having another girl in the family. Kylie is so.... girly! For lack of a better word. I always thought we'd have fun some day shopping for clothes or watching girl movies. But, Kylie is fascinated by girl stuff now. She loves to put anything on her head. I try to keep cute hats up there, since she has pretty much no hair, but she has been known to put Ethan's underwear on her head, too. She also likes to dress up in pretty dresses. We went shopping for summer clothes recently, and she walked around sorting through clothes saying "WOW!" and "Pretty". Then, when we got home, she had fun trying clothes on. She would look down at them and point to a flower or a button and ask "What's that?".

Then, just yesterday we got a package from Rob and Christina (thanks guys!) full of Marti Gras beads. Kylie was in heaven! She must've said "WOW!" 20 times. She's been walking around the house with at least 3 strands of beads around her neck ever since. They're such bright, shiny colors!

She also loves baby dolls. She gives them lovies (rocks them back and forth while hugging them) and feeds them bottles. She's just got these feminine traits so wrapped up in who she is. It's amazing to me to see them so clearly when she's so little!
Now in all fairness, I'd like to say that Kylie is not always so girly. She can eat dirt and bugs, throw rocks, and jump on the couch right along with the boys. And Ethan is fun, too. He LOVES to be tickled! And his curious mind and sensitive heart keep me busy, entertained, and surprised all the time. He also has done his share of not so manly things. He's tried on lots of clothes cuz mommy thought it would be fun. And, he's watched Cinderella and Mary Poppins many times. But, at three, he's much better at running screwdrivers and poking sticks in fires than I will ever be. It's just so exciting to watch these little people be who God made them to be!

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