Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Look up!

Most of the time, out here in the middle of nowhere in the flat, field- covered plains of Nebraska, the most spectacular thing about the scenery is the sky.  Since we moved to the country, I have found myself spending way more time than I ever thought I would staring at the sky.  In town, there are so many trees and lights and buildings that my view was always obstructed.  But out here I can see to the horizon in any direction if I'm in the right spot. 

And so I've been watching sunrises and sunsets and the clouds and stars in between.  I find myself amazed that the spectacular sunrises and sunsets are so short.  The sky lights up in a blaze of glorious pinks, oranges, reds, and purples, and then fades to blue sky or the black of night so quickly.  If you're not looking at exactly the right time, you'll miss it all together. 

Then one day, it hit me.  I was mourning the loss of the colors, but they didn't actually disappear.  I mean, they did in this spot - at my house.  But actually they just moved west. 
The sun is constantly rising and setting somewhere in the world.
The sky doesn't just display the glory of God for a few minutes of the day every 24 hours.  At this very minute, the sun is rising somewhere west of me - maybe at Micah and Allie's house by now.
A few hours ago it set in Chiang Mai, on Rob and Christina's family.  And a few hours from now, it will set in Zambia on Kristi. 

God created the world so that someone on earth at any moment of any day is able to look up into the sky and see the marvelous glory of God displayed by the light of the sun moving down toward the horizon or up off the horizon.  He's doing this right now.  As I type. 

That's incredible to me.  My God is so big that, as one in a million routine things that He does to sustain life every day, He creates a spectacular reminder constantly, always changing and moving and screaming the glory of our Creator to our desperately hurting world. 

Look up!

Psalm 19:1
"The heavens are telling the glory of God; and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands."

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Mimi & Poppy said...

Melody, I love the banner you made for us with that very verse on it! It is so comforting to know that God has His eye on us, and is giving us beautiful moments to enjoy and to share with others. You have such a wonderful love for your family across the states and across the seas.... knowing that they see the same beautiful sky with amazing colors, and that God is giving them beautiful moments also, brings joy to your soft heart! Poppy & I love you for it!