Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Loving the least

So they seem to have  managed to do something.  Made some sort of deal that doesn't fix the problem at all - just extends their opportunity to fix it.  That is, if I'm understanding what happened right.
Beneath all the front page headlines - buried underneath "important" stuff like:
"Blazing Heat Scorches Midwest, South"
"Biden Criticized for 'Terrorist' Tea Party Remarks"
"Machine Turns Air into Water"
"Miley's Tattoo Starts Twitter War"
"Putin: America's a Parasite on World's Economy"
(These are all front page headlines from Fox News and CNN this morning)
Half way around the world.   Something no one seems to want to talk much about.  I literally could not find anything about it on Fox News.  And one article buried in the World section of CNN.  I had to google it.
People are dying.  Starving.  In Somalia and much of eastern Africa.  I've heard stories of mothers walking six weeks to find a filthy refugee camp with at least a small amount of food - leaving their children dying on the side of the road on the way.  A five year old can't walk for six weeks with little or no food or water.  Can you imaging the heartbreak?
And men who HATE preventing willing aid workers from helping the most desperate.  Those men will face God some day.  
Why is it so hard to see?  We like sensational news.  We like graphic news.  We like unique news.  We like to be entertained. 
We do not like hopelessness.  We're not really that interested in people half a world away who have nothing.  People die in Africa all the time, right?  At least it's not me.
But these are people.  Created in God's image.  Loved by Him.
As God's children, we had better care.
If Jesus were a man on earth today, He would care.  He would weep with the suffering.  And He would do something - what He could do - to help. 
That's why I was excited!  When I googled "Somalia famine", guess what the first link was?
So I clicked the link and was led here
God's people being His hands and feet in a part of the world that desperately needs Him.  While our politicians (the "powerful" people in our country) try to make each other look bad, God's people take it upon themselves to do something. 
God's challenge to me is Pray!  Give!  Do something!  In My name!  To bring Me more glory!
How can I ignore?

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