Monday, August 8, 2011

For His Glory!

"For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways And My thoughts than your thoughts."  Isaiah 55:9 (NAS)

I've been thinking alot about this verse lately.
It seems that God does not do things the way I think I would if I were Him.

Probably not too surprising to you. 
But I am constantly surprised by how surprised I am when God doesn't listen to how I think He should do things.

Today is the five year anniversary of the day we bought our home in Lincoln.  The last $1,500 of our "fix-up our trash-hole of a first home" mortgage is forgiven today.  Too bad we've paid an extra...oh...probably $4,000 for a house we're not living in the last six months. 
No one seems to want to buy our home.  We've started asking everyone we know. 
Wanna buy our house??? 
Here it is!!!
It's not fancy, but it's cheap!  And it has new siding and windows and kitchen cabinets and flooring and doors and pretty paint.  And I killed most of the spiders that have moved in over the last six months when I was there Saturday. 
Sorry... I got a little carried away.  =)

Anyway, the point of this is that we should not be able to pay the combined rent and mortgage on two homes. 
Not for six months.

On top of that, after months of debating back and forth, we've decided to send the kids to NC.  I think we seem a bit crazy.  Because obviously we have no extra money right now.  And there's nothing wrong with the (free!) public school four blocks down the road. 
But Caleb and I have prayed for God's direction, and we both came to the conclusion that this is what God is calling us to do with our kids for this year.  So I thought we'd have to find some extra money lying around.  Goodbye carefully saved "romantical vacation for our 10th anniversary" fund...  =(
Anyone have a rich great-aunt who would like to adopt us?

And I am amazed by God. 
I'm not sure you need all the messy details.  But in ways that I would never expect, in timing that I usually think is too slow, He's providing for this decision. 
Without our house selling. 
And without using my not-so-necessary romantical vacation fund.
Things I did not think were possible.

And He's getting the glory for it.  Because it obviously isn't our decision-making talent that got us here. 
We did not move to Central City to send the kids to NC. 
We almost bought a house out in the middle of nowhere before selling ours in Lincoln. 
We almost just stayed in Lincoln forever.
But I have this feeling that God knows what He's doing in the middle of all this craziness.  Like maybe the end result of all this moving and job-changing and church-switching and lack of absolutes on the plan for our lives (none of which I wanted, by the way) might turn out to be pretty great. 
For His glory!


Laura said...

Praise God! I just went to my 10yr reunion last weekend and was reminded how much of a blessing going to school at NC was. Hope it goes well for your family!

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David and Carolyn said...

Melody, I just came across your blog. What a sweet family you have. We have a new grand daughter and her name is Melody. Come visit our blog sometime.
In Christ,
lover of Jesus Christ,wife to great hubby for almost 25 years, mom to 4 biological and 5 adopted blessings

David and Carolyn said...

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