Friday, January 21, 2011


We welcomed my newest nephew into the world yesterday! Daiven Barrett arrived at 7 1/2 pounds and 20 inches of perfectness. I know...that's probably not a word. But after holding all four of my newborn babies in my arms, I know that their slimy, red, smashed little bodies are the most precious and amazing gifts from God. I'm thousands of miles away from Daiven, but as soon as I knew who he was, I loved him. The second I heard he was a he and not a she, God made a spot in my heart for him. This aunt is longing to hold her tiniest little nephew right now!
I know that instant connection from a mommy's perspective too. The instant you find out there's a microscopic baby growing inside you, you're in love. There might be some panicking involved if the news was unexpected. I've done some of that. But even so, it's amazing how quickly you fall in love with a tiny person you've never met.
By contrast, I read the news this week about the abortion doctor in Pennsylvania who murdered babies and mothers alike in his attempt to promote "women's rights." I swayed between wanting to cry and wanting to throw up as I read the article. I just cannot imagine anyone greeting a baby's arrival into the world so callously and with so much hatred. What kind of seared conscience must a person have to stab scissors into the back of a helpless baby's neck? It hurts me to even write that. How I wish I could have lovingly held those babies for just one minute of their lives so that someone touched them the way a baby deserves to be touched.
What baffles me is that the media does not seem to particularly care. They reported it, but no more than the usual, everyday news. The weather, Miss Nebraska winning the Miss America competition, the new season of American Idol, the shooting in Arizona are all much bigger news. I'm not saying those are bad stories.
But shouldn't someone be OUTRAGED?!?!
Someone should be standing on a street corner crying for all the lost babies dying in such a disgusting place in such a horrific way.
Someone should cry for their mothers who were led by the system and a money-hungry madman to believe that killing their babies was the best option.
Someone should be screaming for prosecution against those in authority who knew something was wrong and shrugged it off, looking the other way.
Someone should be begging God for mercy on a country where innocent lives are thrown away so callously.
Maybe that someone should be me. Maybe you?
I praise God for Daiven's healthy, perfect body and his loving mommy, daddy, brothers, family, and friends who welcomed him with joy! And I thank God for the comfort of knowing that those babies who were loved by no one during their very brief lives on this earth were celebrated into heaven in the arms of Jesus.

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