Monday, September 13, 2010

Immanuel's Veins by Ted Dekker

I’ve come to expect the unusual from Ted Dekker. Immanuel’s Veins is no exception.
Honestly, I’m not sure how to summarize this story – especially in 200 words. You’ll just have to read it. It’s a story full of passion, seduction, evil, blood, romance, and mystery. A warrior loves a forbidden woman. That woman’s hardened, broken heart struggles to find freedom. Many are skillfully tempted, wooed by evil and fall under the control of its power. Only blood saves.
Dekker grates on the nerves of my “good, religious morality”, filling this book with blood drinking demons masquerading as friends. I’ve got to say, I didn’t like the whole vampire thing. But I couldn’t put the book down.
Dekker drives to the heart of the divide between a love relationship with Jesus and religion. Do I live a relationship or a set of rules? Is Jesus my lover, sacrificing Himself to save me? Or is He a remote judge on a throne, balancing my good and bad acts to see if I’m worthy of his love?
Although the setting and characters in the story were a little too “horror story” for me, I ended the book with a fresh view of the love of my Savior, one that left me praising Him.
Isn’t that the point?


Marsha said...
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Marsha said...

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I finished it last night. I think it ranks as one of his best works. The way he portrays the eternal themes of love and redemption, of death and resurrection, of sin and evil and salvation is captivating. I love the way he ties it to Black, Red, and White. More than the love Jesus displayed in rescuing me, I came away with a new sense of what it might cost us to be ambassadors for Christ in rescuing those who have been taken captive by the devil in the world around us. What price are we willing to pay? Does the love of Christ really control us?

puppetmaster said...

I'm glad so many people like you have read and reviewed this book! Immanuel's Veins was wonderful and I can't wait for more Ted Dekker novels to come! I posted my review of Immanuel's Veins at check it out!