Monday, September 13, 2010

Free T-Shirt!!!

Ted Dekker is doing some unique things to promote Immanuel's Veins. Here's a book trailer video he posted on facebook.
Also Thomas Nelson is giving away free t-shirts! Here's a pic of mine. =)

Ok. It's hard to tell what color this is for sure (and as you can see, I've already stained mine.... Kids). But it's a nice darker grey color with black and red.
Anyway, one of you can win your very own! Rob, this is the part for you!! =) Leave a comment on this post, and I'll randomly pick a winner!


leah vodolazskiy said...

hey, a free t-shirt is great when I will have a tummy to hide. :-)

Anonymous said...

All my t-shirts are wearing out...I wouldn't mind having *that* one...especially for free! :-)

Rob said...

thanks for the reminder... i will say hi to the beach for you. we had a lot of fun with ya'll!! i am about out of tshirts too so....:-)