Friday, May 14, 2010

My little wormie baby

Ok, first off, I should tell you that you have to sing that title to a certain song which I have in my head but cannot for the life of me remember what it's called. It just doesn't sound right if you read it, though, so make one up. =)
Now. Check this out.

In case you didn't get that, here's a better angle.

Yes, that would be my GIRLS with worms. Not gummy worms. Earthworms. And yes, they're on a plate - which I will never use for food again.
Kylie loves earthworms. She calls them her babies. She fills up her purse with dirt and worms and carries them around. In this picture she was trying to feed them. She is very sure they eat leaves (or in this case, maple tree helicopters) like caterpillars. Eating dirt is gross, she says.
(And carrying around earthworms and dirt in your purse isn't?!?!?)
She has converted Julia into a worm-loving girl, too, as you can see.

I was a scaredy cat when I was little. Ask Rob or Becca. But I tolerated earth worms and daddy-long legs. Sometimes if I was feeling particularly brave I let them crawl on me. But NEVER, EVER did I carry them in my purse or try to feed them. I did not cuddle them next to my face either. I'm very sure.
What kind of girls am I raising?
I have made one solid rule. Wormie babies do not belong in mommy's house!! =)

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