Saturday, May 29, 2010

My kids

I was rocking Ava to sleep tonight, and I asked myself a random question.
"Describe each of your kids in one word."
So, here goes. I'm sure you won't be as interested in this as I will be in 5 years when I read it again. But I've gotta write it somewhere. =)
Ethan: Energetic!
Kylie: Flamboyant!
Julia: Sensitive
Ava: Content

Ok, now I have to write a little more than one word. You really think I could manage to stop that quickly?

Ethan: Energetic! He goes all the time! The exausting part is he wants me to go with him.
"Mommy, can we play a game?"
"Mommy, can we go for a bike ride?"
"Mommy, can we go to the library today?"
"Mommy, can we read a book?"
"Mommy, can we go to the park?"
"Mommy, can we listen to Odyssey?"
He wiggles, karate chops, kicks his feet, wrestles, jumps, climbs, shoots, and sword-fights CONSTANTLY!
I need to hire an energetic highschool boy just to entertain Ethan. Anyone know a bored kid who'd love to get paid in homemade chocolate chip cookies?

Kylie: Flamboyant! If Kylie was a flower, she'd be one of those great big, hot pink, tropical ones. She throws herself into every moment, enjoying it completely. She dances and twirls her way through life and makes sure that everyone notices her. She actually keeps up with Ethan most of the time. As girly as she is, she fights dragons and monsters right alongside him.

Julia: Sensitive. Julia's my cuddler. She'll walk up and give me a big hug and kiss and say, "I need you to cuddle me, mommy." She always notices when someone is hurting. All her owies are a BIG deal. She also screams - ALOT. Every time anyone so much as looks at her cross-eyed, she screams for all she's worth. She gets upset often because no one could possibly treat her sensitively enough not to hurt her feelings. I have NO idea where she got that from..... =)

Ava: Content. Ava's happy anywhere. She plays and watches and makes very little noise - at least not that can be heard above the din of the other three. =) She waits to eat until I have time to feed her, content to suck her binky. She falls asleep in her crib by herself. She SMILES all the time. Three things she really dislikes: anything but a dry diaper, being left in a room by herself, and baby food.

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