Monday, March 30, 2009

What is this child going to think of next?

You'll never guess what Kylie did Friday. She ate (as in it's GONE) our van registration!
We just got the new one in the mail that afternoon, and I laid it with the rest of the mail in a pile on the table. Then I started making supper. I got supper finished and cleared the table so I could set it. I noticed there was no pink paper and no stickers. So I asked Kylie, who was sitting at the table watching me, if she had seen the pink paper and the stickers.
"I ate it," she said matter of factly.
I didn't even know what to say. I looked under the table thinking surely she did not eat ALL the van registration. She probably just tasted a corner. All I found on the floor were two stickers with obvious teeth marks in them. Apparently she hadn't been able to chew them. The pink paper was gone.
I knew Kylie liked pink paper and stickers, but I didn't know she liked to EAT pink paper and stickers. I'll add that to the lightbulb eating incident and the time she sprayed "Home Defense" insecticide in her mouth as things to remember to tell her friends when she gets older.
The question is, what am I supposed to do? Can you just see me walking into the car registration office and saying, "I'm sorry. I need a new copy of my van registration because my daughter ATE the last one." Doesn't that sound suspiciously like, "No, teacher, My dog really did eat my homework!"? I'm sure the office workers are going to get a good laugh out of this one....


Becky said...

This is hilarious! You should definitely let us know what the workers say when you go in :-)

Christina Johnson said...

too funny!