Monday, March 30, 2009

Opinions anyone?

Caleb and I have a new bedroom. We decided to play musical bedrooms to give the kids more space to play. Here's the problem. We're sleeping in a bright yellow room with baby quilts hanging over the windows. I obviously need to redecorate. But I can't decide what colors to use. Usually I use blue, brown, and green as my go-to colors. But we painted our WHOLE house blue when we moved in (NEVER do this!), and I am SICK of blue!!! Our kitchen is green and our living room is brown. Caleb is afraid if we paint brown or green, we will overdo a good thing and end up hating it like the blue. We thought about red, but Caleb likes cool, purply reds and I like warm, orangy-reds. I need curtains too. And the room is tiny, so we need something that makes it look bigger... Any great ideas? I love to decorate, but I always fall in love with the most expensive thing there is. And then I'm too cheap to buy it, so I settle for something I secretly think is ugly but is very cheap. So I need something cheap that I like this time. Help!!


Becky said...

Hey, Melody! I have absolutely zero advice on redecorating your bedroom (there's a reason no one comes to me for decorating tips!), but I thought you should know that I'm unable to see any of the text on your blog unless I highlight it. It could just be my computer, but I wanted you to know in case it's not.

Stephanie (your cousin) said...

This is a way old post, but I just read it for the first time. In case you're still looking for decorating ideas...I recommend WHITE! A beautiful, pristine white that will lighten, brighten, and visually enlarge the room. Then you can accent with whatever color strikes your fancy AND if you get sick of it, you can just change out the curtains or bed linens! When I ever get a chance to do our bedroom, I'm aiming for black with red accents (not the walls, of course! just blankets, pillows, art, etc.)