Monday, December 1, 2008


Well, I'm back home after a week at my mom and dad's house with ALL my brothers and sisters and their families. What fun! We pretty much just talked and ate and played at my mom and dad's house. But, the girls got a day out! Yeah! We left daddy, Micah, and Rob home with four kids (two in diapers!!!) Brave, I know. But, they did great! I had happy, clean kids when we got home. Anyway, the girls went to a cute bookstore, drank coffee, and watched a girly movie. I don't get to do things like that very often. I love spending time with my family! They encourage me, listen to my rambling, laugh with me, tease me (ROB!), play with my kids... I've decided that if you're not used to the chaos living with three kids creates, you get kinda stressed out after a week! Although I know my family loves my kids, I think they were glad to return to their nice, normal, QUIET lives!
I always feel like I'm processing for a while after a week like last week. It seems that my family can teach me so many things. Since I only see them all twice a year or so, I feel like I should pay attention to all the things I can learn from them. Like my brother, Micah, was quoting Bible verses to my dad (the WHOLE Sermon on the Mount!), and I was convicted to keep working on my Bible memory goals. And my sister-in-laws, Allie and Christina, are both pregnant and were not feeling well some of the time, but they were always smiling and didn't complain endlessly (have I been known to do that?) And my sister, Kayla, is so good at keeping her mouth shut when she could say what really shouldn't be said. My mom never gets impatient with my kids. My dad (who has lost practically every fantasy football game this year) laughs about his weaknesses without getting defensive or making excuses. I could go on and on. I feel overwhelmed trying to remember it all - let alone figure out how to incorporate it into my life. Too bad I don't have more quiet, thinking time around here! =)

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