Friday, July 25, 2008


Yesterday was Ethan's fifth birthday! I can't believe I've been a mommy for five years. For some reason five sounds much older than four - maybe because age groups are sometimes categorized as 2-4 and 5-7, or maybe because a four-year-old is a preschooler whereas a five-year-old is a kindergartener.
We had a really fun day! We went to Pioneer's Park in the morning. After playing on the playground, we went to the nature center. Ethan got to pet a snake and watch a turtle crawl. They can move fast if they want to! When we got home, we had lunch, sang happy birthday, and opened presents. Then, after supper, we went mini-golfing (which Ethan loved, but Kylie is terrible at!).
This morning I heard this conversation at the breakfast table:
Kylie: "I'm cute"
Ethan: "You're cute, Kylie, but you're a sinner."
Kylie: "I'm not a sinner. I'm Kylie"
Ethan: "The Bible says everyone sins, Kylie. So, you're a sinner.
Kylie: "I'm not a sinner. I'm Kylie"
It went on like this for at least five minutes. I wondered, what kind of son am I raising? He just told me yesterday that he wants to be a pastor like grandpa some day so he can tell people about Jesus. Listening to this conversation, I pictured him standing behind a pulpit doing his best to convince people that they're headed to hell without saving faith in Jesus. Was it Jonathan Edwards that preached "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"? Ethan is following in his steps - with Kylie as his first attempted convert. I wonder what God has planned for my little boy....

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Chip Burkitt said...

I think if you're going to be a sinner, it's better to be a cute one!