Saturday, April 28, 2007

From the lips of a child

Ethan woke up this morning all excited! Saturdays are his favorite day because daddy gets to stay home. Today was even better though because daddy promised him we could go to the Children's Museum. Ethan usually wakes up happy, but this morning he was bouncing off the walls.
We ate breakfast and got all ready to go. Ethan likes to dress himself, so when I got out of the shower, he was already dressed and ready to go. I didn't pay much attention. I was putting my makeup on when Ethan said, "Look, mommy! I got dressed all by myself, and see???" He was pointing to his shorts and short sleeves with great excitement. The thought crossed my mind that Caleb must've told him it was supposed to be warm today, and Ethan must be excited to have a warm day instead of a rainy one. But, then he kept talking. "I prayed to Jesus last night that it would be warm today so daddy and I could play outside. So I put my shorts on!" I applauded him for his intelligence, and he bounced off to play. I just stood there and thought for a minute. That must be what Jesus meant by the faith of a child. Ethan's three. He can't read. He puts absolutely no faith in weather forcasters. He didn't wear shorts 'cuz daddy told him it would be warm enough. But, he did talk to Jesus about it, and he just assumed that Jesus would work it out for him. And then he got dressed. I pray that as he gets bigger and the world gets more confusing and Jesus sometimes doesn't answer the way we thing he should that he will keep this childlike faith in his heart.

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