Friday, July 12, 2013

Just a normal evening... =)

Yesterday Caleb came home for supper, and the girls had our two baby kitties dressed up in doll clothes and a pair of Julia's underwear.  I should have taken a picture, but I was a bit busy. 

Somehow since becoming a farmer's wife, I am in charge of a garden, four kids, two kittens, keeping the inside of our home in some kind of working order, four kids, mountains of laundry, a baby bird Caleb rescued from a field, three meals and two snacks a day for six people (at least three of which are STARVING at any given moment), mowing 8 acres of grass - ok mostly weeds, and did I mention the four kids?  Since Caleb works from 7:00 in the morning til 11:00 at night fairly regularly, my "help" for these responsibilities comes mostly from a bunch of little kids...
So ask me if I even knew the cats were dressed in purple flower underwear. 

I was making supper for the second time.  The first time I had a great plan to make red beans and rice.  But I tasted them around 5:00, and they were...interesting nasty.  Plan B was Caleb grilling chicken.  I can grill, but it's not my talent in life.  Caleb is much better.  Too bad he only had 20 minutes between hauling corn and irrigating on his way to worship team practice.  He was a little late.  But he grilled - I think because he was scared to find out what plan C was.  =)

Tiny little pieces of paper are strewn ALL OVER my dining room and living room.  Care to know why?  My girls have found a new favorite game.  They color dolls or letters or hearts on a piece of paper and then cut them out.  They try to clean up the extra pieces, but they can create thousands of tiny little pieces in half an hour.  So is half an hour of no fighting worth homemade confetti all over the floor?  Apparently it is to me...

Oh!  And a question for other farm wives.  Are you husbands injured all the time?  Caleb has a deep gash on his forehead and a chunk missing from his thumb. 

So the six of us are sitting at supper last night surrounded by white paper "crumbs", snarfing down our food as quickly as possible so daddy won't be late to worship team practice.  Caleb looks like he got in some sort of a fight - covered in mud with cuts all over the place.  The kids are filthy.  All the cushions are off both couches and piled on the living room floor along with practically every pillow and blanket we own.  The kitchen is buried under dishes from TWO supper making attempts.  And outside is no better.  Ethan mowed the front yard in some sort of almost ten-year-old boy crazy pattern.  So there are random chunks of tall grass dandelions sticking up all over the place.  Inch long pieces of sidewalk chalk (some of which were supposed to be Honey Rae's birthday present) are scattered all over the flower beds/ porch/ sidewalk in front of the house along with water guns, soccer balls, a hose, and the kitty dress up clothes (yes, this includes the purple flower underwear - which is probably still there 24 hours later...)

And Tam, Kayla, Hudson, and Honey drive up to play. 

I may have looked a little frazzled.  So we sat outside on the porch and laughed at Hudson "watering the flowers" and Ava and Honey making mud pies out of the mud at the bottom of the puddles Hudson made.  And I ignored the mess.

The kids were FILTHY by the time everyone left, but I was so thankful for people to sit on the porch and laugh with me.  And a sister who walked into my house, walked out, and said, "it doesn't look that bad in there!" 

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Chip Burkitt said...

Be anxious for nothing.... You have a wonderful family surrounded by love. Dirt is just dirt.