Saturday, August 18, 2012

First day of school pics!

So, the kids are at NC this year.  Thanks for all your prayers for us.  We needed all of them!  =)  After debating pros and cons forever, we always went back to the fact that we both felt that NC was the best option for us this year.  So with faith in and thanks to a God who always provides from His limitless resources, we sent them off for their first day on Tuesday.  They were SUPER excited! 
Kylie, my first grader.  Wow!  How did that happen??

And Ethan, very excited to be moving up to third-grade this year. 
 I have a feeling these next few weeks will be a little rough for us.  We are all tired because none of us are back on a good - go to bed at a decent hour so we can get out the door on time in the morning - schedule.  And this year has quite a bit of added responsibility for Ethan and Kylie at school. Add that to old friends leaving and new friends coming and getting used to new teachers, and it could be interesting. 
I'm sure we'll figure it out sooner or later...  =)

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