Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The joys of being an aunt! =)

I had four kids in my house this morning.  I know, I usually have four kids in my house, but this morning was different.  Two of them were my sister's kids.  So I chased Julia (4) and Ava (2) along with Honey Rae (20 months..ish) and Hudson (2 months).
And I learned a few things. 
First off, did I really used to do that all the time?  I need a nap!  And my house is completely destroyed.  I don't know how Kayla's house always looks so clean...  Which brings me to point number two.

Everyone should train their babies to watch tv from a very early age.  Honey is not interested in tv, so she kept screeching and poking at Hudson's face when he was almost asleep. 
Which made him wake up. 
Which made me have to put him to sleep again. 
Which made Honey wait even longer for more milk in her baba. 
Which is why she was screeching and poking in the first place. 
She wanted "MORE please." 
If she had stared like a zombie at the tv for an hour like my girls were doing, I would not have had this problem.  On the other hand, Honey is going to be so much smarter than my kids whose brains have probably turned to mush...  =)
Next lesson.  I have officially lost my baby muscles.  Hudson is a sweet tiny little thing, and I held him all morning. Partly because I love to cuddle him and partly because I was afraid to put him down.  Anyway, after two and a half hours, my arms are tired!

Bottom line:  It was a great morning!  I love babies - especially Kayla's babies.  And I was happy to send two of them home so I can do another thing I love - take a nap!  =)

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