Sunday, April 3, 2011

Best Friends

I'm afraid this blog has been rather neglected. Sorry. So many thoughts are swirling around in my heart and mind that I'm not sure where to start sorting them out. Usually I do that by writing, but they're so confused, I'm pretty sure my rambling would be.... BORING!
Plus most of you I'm sure are not interested in the stressed-out, often sad, questionings of an almost 30 year old (yikes!) mother of four.
SO... To get me back in a happy blogging mood, here's a conversation from my day today.
Julia marches up to me in the kitchen (where else would I be?)
"Why do YOU get to be his best friend???" she asks in an indignant voice.
Assuming she's talking about her daddy, I reply, "Because I married him."
"But I don't know how to do that!" she whines.
"You can't. He already married me. You'll have to find somebody else." Reality is harsh, I know...
Just then Kylie walks by. Julia runs over and grabs her hand.
"Let's get married, Kylie!" she says happily and they skip off hand in hand.
Obviously we have some work to do on the whole marriage issue...
Coming next...musings on my drive down Hwy 30 - something I have not done for a VERY long time!

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sproutingflowers said...

That's so funny! Yesterday M found her little brother's clip on tie, put it on, announced that tomorrow she's going to get married to her brother. He can pretend to be a girl since she's going to be the husband. At least she got that much right. Ha! (And luckily, he's too young to protest being "the girl"!)

Are you ready to turn 30 this year? Seems impossible, doesn't it? I'm trying to get ready mentally... It's just next month for me. *sigh*