Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day One

Well, yesterday was day one of homeschool. I know. I swore I would not homeschool this fall. Never say never.
School actually went pretty well. My biggest problem is keeping Julia from destroying things while I teach Ethan. I made a school basket with fun stuff for her and Kylie to do while I do school with Ethan. But she had a little too much fun. She dumped half dry, crumbly play-doh all over the carpet. Pulled the outside off an ear of corn and scattered sticky strings all over the house. Cut paper into tiny pieces and dropped them all over the floor. Tried to stick the glue in the pencil sharpener. Scattered magnetic letters all over everywhere. That kinda stuff. I think I could have a full time job just cleaning up after Julia. Two year olds are alot of work.
Anyway, after two hours, I called Caleb and told him I couldn't do it. Why am I bothering? Practically everyone I meet thinks I'm crazy to do what I'm doing. It would be SO EASY to send them to the nice, new public school a half a mile down the street. They haven't even started yet. I could get Ethan and Kylie signed up and send them to school in two weeks. Wow! Grocery shopping with only two kids! I could probably go to the gym and work out. And nap time! Julia and Ava take long naps!!! I daydreamed.
I'm still not sure why, but today was day two, and I got up and did it again. And other than spilling the same glass of milk twice at breakfast this morning, Julia didn't make too many messes.
I have to keep quoting my verse.
2 Corinthians 9:8 "And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed"


Chip Burkitt said...

Kudos! We have three homeschooled and three not. The differences are subtle. The homeschooled kids tend to be more holistic in their approaches to problem-solving. The public-schooled kids are more likely to give up after trying a few things.

-C said...

I hear your frustration and your dedication, and have felt the same feelings as I even anticipated that homeschooling would be my ONLY option for this fall. Even though I'm trained as a teacher, I never had to deal with the distractions of a overzealous toddler (or two). :) Is the school down the road a good one? Could it be a temporary "sanity solution" for even a couple of years until all of them are school age or closer? Idk ... just throwing it out there. There's no shame in knowing your own limits or guilt in realizing you can't do it all ... as a mom. Hope that makes sense. I applaud you for pursuing the challenge of it all.

Melody said...

That's the problem, Crystal. The school down the road is not a good one. Thanks for the reminder that it's ok to set limits for myself. Kids will take and take until I have NOTHING left. I need to remember more often that it's ok to not be everything to everyone.

Laura said...

congrats melody! your commitment to school your kids in the way that is best (not necessarily the easiest or most sane) is awesome! :)