Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm gonna have to learn how to do that...

Caleb's mom came and spent three entire days last week helping me clean my house. I mean really, really clean. Like, the bathroom fan got cleaned - which didn't even happen when we moved in three years ago. Tam is an absolutely amazing cleaner. I'm not. I'm still not sure what exactly I did in those three days. I wiped down baseboard trim and scrubbed crayon off the wall while she painted the girl's bedroom with Kilz (that stuff smells nasty!). She washed every window in the house. I took a nap. I painted the trim in the girl's room; she rolled all the walls and had to paint around the ceiling because it made me dizzy to hold my arms above my head. I napped and when I woke up my bathroom was clean! I talked to her while she washed windows. I did manage to clean all the kitchen cabinets inside and out. She cleaned my oven and the inside of my microwave. She moved furniture so we could clean the carpet. I took a nap while she cleaned the carpet. I mopped the kitchen floor.
Somehow when it was all done we were both exhausted. She had a right to be, and I told myself that growing a baby is like running up a mountain when I'm just sitting still - right? I've decided I'm going to have to learn how to clean like that someday before she gets too old to help me. =) It won't look so good if I make my 80 year old mother-in-law come help me clean when I'm 50 years old...
The kids came home Wednesday night practically asleep. Thursday they tracked mud on the tile floor. Julia dumped a bucket of sand/dirt in the middle of the living room carpet and smeared snot on the screen door. I tripped on a pair of Mr. Potato Head glasses walking to bed last night. But I know every remote corner, window, wall, closet, and ceiling in this house is clean. Thanks Tam!
I should also thank my mom and dad who took three kids with colds for three days. Apparently Julia screamed at her the whole time. Funny, she does that to me too... It's a stage, right?

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