Tuesday, December 18, 2007

One of those days

We were busy yesterday - washing laundry, cleaning the house, finishing Christmas presents. I knew it was going to be a crazy day. I just didn't know how crazy. The morning was chaotic, but fairly normal. We made Christmas cookies, wrapped presents, vaccuumed the floor, washed clothes - normal stuff. I got the kids fed and down for naps and about 1:00 the doorbell rang. There was a strange man standing on my doorstep with a giant bush in a bag. I was very surprised. I can't think of a single person I know who would send me a giant bush. First of all, my husband would never send me flowers. He buys them while he's at the store sometimes, but SEND them? No way. And second, everyone knows that I kill virtually every plant I touch. So, why send me a giant bush? Well, the guys drives away in his van, and I unwrap my surprise. It's my address, but it says it's in sympathy to someone named Sarah from Allied Insurance. Nice. No one sent ME a giant bush after all. But, what exactly is a person supposed to do with a giant bush that isn't for them? I didn't know. I tried the number on the card and it was disconnected. I tried Allied Insurance, and they didn't know anything. I tried the flower place, and they didn't know either, but they sent the same guy back to pick it up. He brought me a rose for my honesty. So, my husband walks in after work with a VERY puzzled look on his face. "Who sent the rose?" he asked. "Oh, a strange man just showed up at my door and gave it to me," I replied. And, then of course, I had to explain.
Life went back to normal for about 2 hours. And, then Kylie decided to eat a lightbulb. I was working on the computer. Caleb was in the bathroom helping Ethan with his bath, and Kylie was innocently drinking juice. I turn around to check on her and notice she has a lightbulb in her mouth - the thin kind with the pointy end. I screech at her to get it out of her mouth, and then realize she actually bit the end off of the lightbulb! I tried to fish it out of her mouth, but sure enough, she swallowed it. Now, what kind of kid eats lightbulbs is beyond me. I mean, it's not like they taste like candy or anything. Anyway, I called poison control to see if they had to pump her stomach or something, but they said she would probably be alright. At least we didn't have to drag her and Ethan to the emergency room at 8:30 at night - again.
What exactly do days like that mean? Completely random things that I have absolutely no control over happen all at once and make my life nuts. It reminds me how little control I actually have over anything. Good thing God knows what's going on.

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Christina Johnson said...

Melody, that's hilarious. what a crazy day. boy, you don't really get trained for "what to do when your child eats a lightbulb." In fact, I don't think I have ever heard of a child eating a light bulb. thanks for sharing